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Once you leave home, you will be anxious about the life ahead. Don’t worry, we have you all sorted. ‘Spot Your Stay’ will take care of you from the time you land in the UK, till the time you are comfortably settled at your new home. We have been arranging all the needs of students from across the world and we know how to get it done, with ease.

When we talk about travel assistance, we are not just talking about flight tickets from native land to the foreign land but also travel from the airport to place where the students will be staying.

At Spot Your Stay, we take maximum effort to make a student’s journey from their native country to the foreign country as seamless and hassle-free as possible. We guide them with all that they need and also assist them until they get familiar with their new found home. This valuable service is provided at a very reasonable cost.

Spot Your Stay takes the responsibility to help students get to the desired destination with utmost ease.

Post Arrival Assistance

Upon arrival, your transit from the airport to your stay will be taken care. Due to the pandemic, we recommend students to take individual cabs rather than share or other public transport. But we leave to the student's preference.

Accommodations close to campuses and city centers

Strategically located near the campus as well as all the entertainment centers such as clubs, casinos, pubs, restaurants, etc. so that you never far away from anything.

Visa sponsorship for eligible candidates

Screening of candidates for Work Visa will also be take care.

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